How do you deal with autistic children

How do you all deal with children & unlocking doors and walking out? I fear that my 3 yr old son learned how to unlock doors and what if he leaves OUTSIDE in the night? I might put extra locks. Any ideas on how you deal with it? Thank each and every single one of … Read more

How do you deal with teens with autism?

How do you deal with teens with autism who can open windows? My daughter is 14 and she knows how to remove child locks now. She also jumped off the window during a meltdown. From a firefighter myself, who has an autistic non verbal child… let your fire dept know which window is his/hers and … Read more

Autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a broad range of mental health conditions characterized by challenges in speech, non-verbal communication, social skills, and repetitive disorders. Cambodia has put measures in place to ensure that children with autism get education opportunities. There are several classrooms in state schools that cater to the children with disabilities in the whole country. Through … Read more