October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a time to celebrate the many abilities of people with Down syndrome and to promote inclusion and acceptance. Down syndrome is a genetic condition that occurs when an extra chromosome 21 is present in a person’s cells. It is the most common chromosomal disorder in the United States, affecting about 1 in 691 babies born each year.

People with Down syndrome have a unique set of strengths and challenges. They may have intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, and other health conditions. However, they are also known for their loving and joyful personalities, their strong determination, and their many talents.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month is an opportunity to learn more about Down syndrome and to celebrate the contributions of people with Down syndrome to our society. Here are a few ways to get involved:

  • Educate yourself and others about Down syndrome. Visit the website of the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) or other Down syndrome organizations to learn more about the condition and how to best support people with Down syndrome.
  • Wear blue and yellow. Blue and yellow are the official colors of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Wearing blue and yellow is a great way to show your support for people with Down syndrome and to raise awareness of the condition.
  • Attend Down syndrome awareness events. Many communities host Down syndrome awareness events throughout October. These events are a great way to learn more about Down syndrome, to meet people with Down syndrome and their families, and to show your support.
  • Support Down syndrome organizations. There are many Down syndrome organizations working to improve the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families. You can support these organizations by donating, volunteering, or advocating for their work.

At Orbrom Center,  we provide educational services to children and adults with Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities. Orbrom Center is committed to helping people with DS reach their full potential and live fulfilling lives.


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