LEGOs are a fun and popular toy for kids of all ages. But did you know that they can also be used to teach math? In this blog post, we will share a fun and educational LEGO math counting activity that is perfect for kids of all ages.


This activity is simple to set up and can be done with any type of LEGOs. You will need a variety of LEGOs in different colors. The more colors you have, the more challenging the activity will be.

To start, create a line of LEGOs on a flat surface. The LEGOs should be spaced evenly apart. The first LEGO in the line should be blue. The second LEGO should be green. The third LEGO should be red, and so on.

Once you have created the line of LEGOs, have your child count the number of LEGOs in each color. For example, they should say “one blue, two green, three red,” and so on.

As your child gets more comfortable counting, you can challenge them to skip count. For example, they should say “two blue, four green, six red,” and so on.


This activity is a great way to help kids learn their numbers. It is also a fun way to practice skip counting. In addition, this activity helps kids develop their fine motor skills.


This activity can be adapted to different age groups and skill levels. For younger children, you can use fewer colors and fewer LEGOs in each color. For older children, you can use more colors and more LEGOs in each color. You can also challenge older children to skip count by larger increments, such as by 5s or 10s.

LEGO math counting activity is a fun and educational way to help kids learn their numbers. It is a great activity for kids of all ages and skill levels. So get your LEGOs out and start counting!


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