My mother used drugs and alcohol

Hello I have FASD but I also believe I am undiagnosed (self-diagnosed) autism. My birth mother used drugs and alcohol, I am seeking a diagnosis but I recently decided to enroll in college for psychology… life has never been easy I find myself constantly reading about psychology to understand the world and people how things work because it does not come natural to my brain. I can’t understand social beings unless I basically read it on paper. I don’t just “have” natural social abilities. It was all mimicked, forced and never understood why I was not “neurotypical” anyways do you think I can succeed well in psychology being FASD & autistic myself? I feel I have a higher sense of emotional being and social being has been learned (studied) like robot science for me haha that’s how I masked my whole life. I am tired of being questioned about who I already know I am with psychology nobody can tell me I am not autistic… what neurotypical person would want that label if it wasn’t true?

At the time of applying I never knew I have ASD. I have only recent recieved my diagnosis. I do however have a degree in psychology and counselling so yes it is possible to achieve it. Good luck

I encourage you to get your diagnosis. Self diagnosis doesn’t get you benefits.

How though? I can ask my primary doctor but a lot of doctors say no way you have to if you did it would of been diagnosed already

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