What Is Autism? Symptoms, Causes, Tests, Treatment, and More.


What is Autism?

Autism is a complex developmental disorder that impacts social skills, speech and language development, and can present as repetitive behaviors.

Autism spectrum disorders are typically diagnosed in children before the age of three years old.

It is not curable, but there are many effective treatments that can allow a child with autism to live a happy and productive life.

A child who is diagnosed with autism has an impaired ability to communicate.

Special Needs Education in Phnom Penh: Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, spelling difficulty, social and slow learning.

This can be seen in the way they talk and interact socially, as well as their unusually repetitive behaviors like rocking back and forth or flapping their arms.

Autism also affects a person’s life by making it difficult for them to go outside of routines that are established- such as changes in clothing before going out into public spaces, which causes anxiety because they’re not sure what people will think about how different these children appear from others around them.

As defined by IDEA, autism refers to “a developmental disability significantly affecting verbal and nonverbal communication social interaction”; this federal definition then proceeds onto list traits commonly related: Other characteristics often associated with autism include engaging in repetitive behaviors, unusual sensory interests and specific patterns of behavior.

In this post we will discuss common traits associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), including communication difficulties, unusual behaviors or interests, repetitive movements or patterns of behavior and learning problems.

Special Needs Education in Phnom Penh: Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, spelling difficulty, social and slow learning.

We’ll also take an in-depth look at what it’s like for parents raising children on the autistic spectrum!

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Autism Common Traits


Difficulty understanding social interactions.


Unusual fixation (for instance, only playing with round toys)


Inability to focus without first completing a routine.


Unusual communication habits


Disruptive behavior when an ordinary schedule is interrupted.




Understanding that the phrase “autism spectrum disorder” is gaining momentum because it better captures similarities between autism and other conditions under this category, a variety of common traits can be found associated with those diagnosed.

The National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities (NICHCY) acknowledges five subcategories: autism, Asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDDNOS).

There are three major areas of focus when determining a diagnosis: social interaction, behavior and communication. NICHCY explains that a particular case’s traits determine the exact diagnosis for those aspects.

Such characteristics might include the following:

  • Unusual communication habits (from not talking at all to repeating over and over certain phrases).
  • Difficulty understanding social interactions.
  • Unusual fixation (for instance, only playing with round toys)
  • Inability to focus without first completing a routine.
  • Disruptive behavior when an ordinary schedule is interrupted.

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Autism Educational Challenges

Education is a challenging task to undertake, and when special needs are included it can become even more difficult.

Autistic students have many different struggles in the classroom: from trouble following directions or understanding what’s being said all the way down to behavioral problems that disrupt other students’ learning experience.

These barriers make for an arduous journey through school life – but thanks to incredible teachers and staff members like yourself, they’re not unbeatable!

Students with autism often face academic difficulties such as:

  • Disruptive behavioral problem
  • Hampered ability to communicate
  • Trouble following directions
  • Disinterest

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Autism, Tips for Teachers and Parents

With a few dynamic factors, children with autism can be effectively educated.

For example, if you are giving directions on how to fold paper one step at a time, starting by verbally saying the steps and then demonstrating them while repeating each instruction; don’t rush through this process; do it slowly so that students have enough time to follow along.

If they cannot get their footing after being given instructions multiple times or if certain methods aren’t working for your student try using different cues such as tactile ones (such as having the child touch an object first before touching another) or visual ones (explaining what is happening in pictures).

Assistive technology can reduce communication issues, but it often just becomes a way for students to avoid the hard work.

Teachers must balance being creative and interesting so that you grab their attention while still staying on task with your lesson plan.

For instance, if one of your student’s interests is airplanes then write word problems incorporating situations relating to them in order to keep him interested!

Teachers, getting to know a student and what calms him or her can help you avoid disruptive behavior.

Find out about your child’s interests so that when it becomes time for group work they have something in common with the other students who might otherwise be frustrated by doing tasks because of his or her inability to participate without being hassled.

Parents are an excellent resource here as well; after all no one knows their kids better than parents!

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Special Needs Education in Phnom Penh: Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, spelling difficulty, social and slow learning.

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  1. Does anyone have experience with autism worsening with age? I’ve noticed over the past few years that I’m more anxious, less focused, and more exhausted than I used to be.

    • I am going to go on a limb here and say you are in your thirties are you adhd too?
      There is something called the adhd burnout in women at thisnage….. and Man THE struggle is real!!!!! Basically the brain becomes EXHAUSTED of all the extra work it has been doing which exacerbates all symptoms.

    • Yes. As adults we’re much more prone to burn out since we have so many more responsibilities constantly and not enough time to recharge and recover from it.

    • I was told that it doesn’t get better. It gets worse.
      Medicine helps me Tamp it down. Also I’ve been reading books and understanding it more. The more I understand it the less anxiety and heartache.
      I started jogging again. I am an absolute freak Show unless I’ve been exercising. All range of emotions. And very sensitive to certain sounds. Sensory. So I got to exercise.

  2. Hi I hope your all well I am looking for advice my girlfriend has always said I am autistic we both carers and she is doing a in-depth course on it my main signs are I observed with the Beatles really obsessed I hate crowds I freak out when in them again I observe about things for example once I thought I went through a red light I didn’t but for the next month I went back to the traffic light and check for cameras also I googled how they work so I knew actually how it works this has happened more than once I am 34 am I to old to go see a doctor also I got a brilliant memory just want some advice many thanks

    • You’re never too old to get assessed by a doctor. Not sure if you’re in Cambodia but I am in Phnom Penh and the waiting list can be quite lengthy but definitely you can get assessed. I am 36 and I am going to get an assessment in the next couple of months

  3. I’ve been involved in my close friend since she told me that she have autism and I’ve put whole lot of effort not for myself at all I did of for her I’m interested in her not only person even a friend I Interested in everything about her I’ve been putting an effort in learning about autism with nothing in it for me I’m doing for only her i have accepted and expect her for who she is when she told me that she has autism I accepted and expect her for who she is doesn’t matter if she haves autism because I not only care a whole lot about me I’m too interested and involved with her since she told me her about her autism I enjoy being interested and involved with my close friend because she makes me feel something I’ve never felt before like someone really cares a whole lot I’ve also been there for her when ever she needed me the most she knows that I care about her but doesn’t know the true main reason why I what i do for her I’m not only care. About her she may never know the other reason why what i willing to learn and understanding autism she has a boyfriend but won’t tell her that I care a whole lot about her and then the true main reason I interested and too much involved with her I afraid she’ll get mad at me for saying this i know she likes as a friend but I’m not only interested in her as a person and a friend I’m interested in her completely I’ve been willing give up a whole lot stuff for her like my time for her whenever she needs me the most especially when she starts to have a meltdown and a showdown and even need someone to meet her needs the most

  4. If your kids are rough on the ipad and cases like mine are, definitely look into these cases. They hold us against the dropping, throwing, stepping, rough housing… you name it. It comes in handy to keep on all the ipads so you don’t have to worry about ipad repair fees. Been there, done that. Way too expensive. It also locks so your child can’t take the ipad out of the case. My kids have been known to try to do that as well and this puts a stop to that. I thought other parents would appreciate my find so thought I’d share!

  5. on’t know if I can ask for advice really. My child (5yr) has recently been “half-diagnosed” as autistic, (likely Aspergers) When I say half its because in the country where I reside there are several tests/visits over the course of 3 or so months for a full diagnosis.
    At a social level he had problems interacting but has always been quite verbal and articulate, he’s also bilingual. He has some very restrictive interests (certain objects and birds) he’s highly obsessed with these and easily stressed by them. It’s about 2-3 years on repeat. On the latter interest (certain birds) he talks non stop about them and will run after them, making any outing very complicated and now extremely dangerous as he’ll chase them in the roads and its impossible to bring this under control. Its so impulsive and he’s very strong now.
    May I ask anyone if they have experienced this aspect? and if it reduces over time? And how to bring this under control? It’s very very worrying.
    Pls don’t judge me on this post, I’m a very concerned parent and just wanted some advice. I don’t want to treat this group as a help desk, I’m just wondering if I can ask for advice.

  6. My son (8 years old) can walk, run but not be able to stand still even for 1 minute (Seen this behaviour in many places like temple, waiting queues where he was required to stand still). When he tries to stand still he leans against a support (walls, Hand Ramp etc ) and then puts his one leg on another as below (just a sample picture). Can someone explain the reason for it? How to overcome this behaviour

  7. So my boy is 12 and at High School. He hates it there. He started in February after we moved. He doesn’t trust any teacher even though we’ve asked for help he wasnt getting any. It’s only since September have they provided him any support! They think he has serious behaviour issues that need dealing with. Today he swore at a teacher again. Now he knows if he does this he gets excluded!!
    Has anyone else had this problem?

  8. My 4yr old non verbal daughter Lina loves chinning in all the most sensitive spots on my body she even does my funny bones. It’s a love hurt thing😅 because what feels good to her hurts the heck out of me. I tried pillows and chews but she prefers to seek the input on the ones she’s ❤️

  9. Hi everyone I want people to help me out on this I have had problems with my name for years and I want to know what name is best as I cant make my mind up I want you all to help me as it will mean a lot to me I got bullied with my old name I hated it so I changed it but now I want to change it again but I want to make me self happy again.

  10. ADD/BPD/PTSD asking A and people in a relationship with A’s.

    Can an A get so overwhelmed with new stuff, that he chooses to break up rather than trying to figure out what these new things are?

    My A bf just broke up with me after we had gotten closer to each other. It’s all very new to him, he never had any confidence in himself, and he didn’t think he would ever find a relationship. But I happened to fall for him…he said he loved me and wanted to be with me no matter what…and then suddenly he just opts out. Saying shit about him not being ready for a relationship and missing his freedom…(his freedom to wake up in the morning, play games all day and then go to bed, rinse repeat, which I hardly impacted on, because we live 4 hours away from each other)…

    I am suspecting he is overwhelmed by the new experience and not being used to having someone who cares…and I think he doesn’t know how to react or how to cope with relationships and love… saying he doesn’t feel the “spark” between us.

    I can’t figure out if I should just leave him alone and forget that we were a thing, or if I should give him some time to recuperate and get his thoughts aligned?

    Is it normal to just walk away from everything you said you loved and hold dear, because you got too overwhelmed by it? Should I take this as him just being scared or insecure and give him time? Or should I just walk away?

    I’m really hurt by him just up and leaving me like that..and I am trying not to take it personally, thinking he might just be too overwhelmed by all the new impressions over the past month or so.

    What should I do? Accept it and move on? Maybe it’s for the best?
    Shitty thing is, I really care about him…and I thought he really cared about me too..

    I just want to understand what happened.. one minute we were fine and the next he just shut down..and started to pretend to be all tough and smart ass…all cold hearted. Not wanting to have any relationship and claiming he never want one every again. Because it is too complicated…

    How should I tackle this?

  11. My mother can be very mean, insensitive & hurtful to me. It happens all the time. I’m autistic, I have severe ocd & severe generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
    As someone with autism, we behave differently & have a hard time with it. She should understand this, since she has raised me since I was 5 months old. There’s still a part that seems like she isn’t as understanding as she should be with my autism. She gets mad at me for acting certain ways. Or getting very upset very easy. As u can say “I’m a sensitive person”
    She doesn’t understand why I do certain behaviors or do certain things or make certisn choices… I guess u could just say it’s “autism” I tell her that & she doesn’t swallow that & let it be. She fights with me a lot because i repeat myself a lot or talk about all my problems & chronic pain to her everyday.
    It’s hard being autistic

  12. Why do I suck at getting my needs understood? I think I ask in a clear manner but obviously not. I emailed my Support Coordinator and told her that with the new company, I’d like to know who is doing the Monday and Tuesday day time shifts, and if it’s possible to get someone else on the other days because the support worker isn’t working out. I didn’t hear back, so the same support worker came the following 2 days, I still wasn’t told who to expect on Monday and Tuesday and I was really upset so I emailed her again to ask for the day shifts to be put on hold until I am told who is coming Monday and Tuesday, and if I can get someone else Wednesday to Sunday.

    The Support Coordinator emailed the company then they responded and I was given a copy. The email to the company said “can we please put a 1 week hold on shifts?” Of course the company manager has simply put a 1 week hold on shifts and the other things are not being addressed. I’m going to be in the same position after a week, with the same support worker Wednesday to Sunday who isn’t working out, and still not knowing who is coming the other days.

    I responded to my Support Coordinator telling her I didn’t want a 1 week hold, I wanted her to find out who was coming and to find someone else the other days. I sent the last email yesterday morning and not heard back.

  13. My son 15 years old who is a nonverbal boy and has autism will be so excited to see your likes in his page for his art.
    Thank you to everyone who is supporting him ♥️🌺🌺

  14. Hi everyone – Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this page, it’s very helpful to us. My son is in spectrum and 3 and half years old,no siblings. As a mother I want to know if there are certain things I should or shouldn’t do , I should and shouldn’t encourage. Do you suggest any book that helps me to raise him without making him anxious or overwhelmed bcz of things I do.

    Example: Trying to stop when he is stimmimg.. back n forth running. Talking long sentences while interacting with him etc,
    Shouldn’t or should I be.. taking him to social gatherings or to his cousins place or to my friends place .. I feel like he is overwhelmed with excitement,not sure if it’s ok or not.
    Shouldn’t or should I buy him new toys to explore

    We are starting therapy too.

  15. I am a current ABA Therapist and I’m looking for new toy ideas I can get for my clients! (Please don’t harass me for my career, I love my clients and they are my world).
    I really want to get them educational, interactive and FUN things! What are some things you all have enjoyed or bought for your children that they really enjoyed? I am not a mom so I don’t have a good idea on what kids like!😂 My clients range from 2-9!
    Things I have purchased that they’ve enjoyed: Monster Jam Trucks, Dinosaur Transport Vehicles, Mickey Mouse Cars, Kinetic Sand, Hatching Eggs, Hot Wheels Tracks, Dress up Clothes.. etc..

  16. Hello all!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful Tuesday. I am always appreciative of all the information and stories shared on here ❤️
    I am in need of some suggestions. Does anyone in this group go to therapy or a support group? I find the older my son gets, the more I am struggling to cope with the stress of caregiving and I feel like my outlets are limited. If you have a therapist (preferably telehealth) or support group you have joined that has been an encouragement and help to you, please share 🙂 Thank you in advance!
    Ps…. This is my joy. I love him with all my heart ❤️
    I want to be the best I can be for him and his big brother but just feel like I’ve been struggling

  17. Hi everyone. I’m writing this because I am just at a loss and have no idea who else to ask for advice. 😌 my 7 year old (asd) is in mainstream school in year 3. She has been absolutely fine up until now and last year in year 2 she did amazing and was only sent home for tooth related issues and after she had the bad teeth out she did amazing in school and progressed really well. She’s recently got her 1-1 at the end of year 2 (20 hours) and I was looking forward for her to start back to school in Sept with her 1-1 because she does amazing with extra adult support. Anyway she started year 3 and it’s only been 3 weeks but almost every other day I’ve had phone calls from the school asking if I can pick her up because she’s stressed and says she wants to go home and won’t stop crying/shouting/refusing to work. Anyway Monday she got sent home. Yesterday she had an amazing day. Today she had another great day up until when I went to pick her up her 1-1 called me inside the classroom because she didn’t want to go home. I went in to get her she was running away from me and shouting saying that she wants to stay in school. I was shocked at this because its normally the opposite. After around an hour of talking to her and trying to calm her down i managed to get her home but now she’s home all she’s saying is she wants to go back to school and saying she misses her class teacher. 😢 anyone had a similar experience? Any idea why she’s gone like this in year 3. She loves the school and the teachers. Is it just the change of class if so how long does it take for them to accept new changes. Please help because im so stressed and I have no idea what else to do 😪

  18. I could use some help. Let’s see if I can explain well enough. I just started working with a sixteen year old young man at my school. I’m responsible for him all day. I will start by saying I adore him. He has autism, throughout the day he can be awesome and does exactly what’s requested, but then something changes and he refuses all instructions. We have a couch and a cot for him to take a break or a nap, we try to keep naps to only mornings as he doesn’t not sleep well at night. He speaks, just not conversational. He can read and write , but he gets obsessed with certain things, like a portable white board, where he will refuse to put it down and it’s all he wants all day. I’ve gotten him to do his school work with the promise of the white board, but then I can’t get it out of his mind to move to something else. I’m just a para educator and the teacher wants the board removed for now completely.
    I would like something for him to do during down time, for fun. I don’t know what that could be as when he enjoys it, it becomes an obsession. Is there anything I can do differently to switch his thoughts around? I feel like a bad guy taking away his board, he loves to draw houses and trains. Paper is no good as he will fill an entire notebook with a drawing of his hand in five minutes.
    I want to be better, he’s very loving and wants to do well.

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