OrbRom Center is one of the best Autism schools in Phnom Penh. With a growing awareness of ASD in Cambodia, understanding the options available for families is crucial. This blog aims to offer a neutral and objective overview of OrbRom Center, its services, and its potential place within the autism education landscape of Phnom Penh.

OrbRom Center caters to children with various learning and developmental needs, including ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, and Down syndrome. Their core services encompass:

  • Early intervention: Geared towards toddlers and preschoolers, this program focuses on foundational skills like communication, socialization, and motor development.
  • School program: This structured curriculum covers academic areas like language, math, and science, while incorporating social-emotional learning and life skills training.
  • Speech and language therapy: Individualized sessions address communication challenges, including verbal and nonverbal skills.
  • Occupational therapy: This therapy helps children develop fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing abilities, and daily living tasks.
  • Behavioral therapy: Utilizing evidence-based approaches, therapists work on managing challenging behaviors and promoting positive social interactions.

Approach and Philosophy:

OrbRom Center emphasizes individualized education plans (IEPs) tailored to each child’s unique needs and strengths. They employ a multidisciplinary team of Cambodian and international professionals, including special educators, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and behavioral therapists. Their approach reportedly blends Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles with other therapeutic strategies.

Location and Accessibility:

The center is situated in the Borey Peng Huoth Boeung Snor area of Phnom Penh. While accessibility information isn’t readily available on their website, potential inquiries regarding transportation options or facilities for children with physical disabilities are encouraged.

Fees and Admissions:

OrbRom Center’s fee structure and admissions process are not explicitly detailed online. It’s advisable to contact the center directly for specific information regarding costs, application procedures, and any available financial assistance programs.

Community and Engagement:

The center hosts workshops and events for parents and professionals, aiming to build awareness and support for the autism community in Cambodia. While their online presence seems limited, further research into local media coverage or community forum discussions might offer additional insights into their community engagement efforts.

OrbRom Center represents one option within the autism education landscape of Phnom Penh. By providing a neutral and objective overview of their services, approach, and key considerations, this blog aims to empower families to make informed decisions about their child’s educational journey. Remember, it’s crucial to research thoroughly, compare options, and prioritize your child’s individual needs when making such important choices.

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Choosing learning support for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make, and I welcome you to discover more about why OrbRom is the best option in Phnom Penh.

H. Sophaneth B.Ed, M.Ed